What is Skycaller for?

Allows you to bulk send a voice or text message to a list of phone numbers or Skype accounts. The message can either be a wav audio file that you have recorded or you can type out a message which can either be synthesised into a human voice or sent by SMS text message. Skycaller then steps through your list of numbers and plays/sends your message to each one. The recipient will either receive your message via SMS or their phone will ring and your recorded/synthesised message will be played to them when they answer.

Reasons to use SkyCaller


If you have a list of customers numbers who you want to send details of a promotion or offer you are running then Skycaller can be used to do this quickly and easily

Cheap global reach

Skycaller uses your Skype account to call or SMS so the costs can be almost free depending on the Skype package that you are using. You are able to reach people globally for very little cost.


Send your message using your own pre-recorded message, a synthesised voice or an SMS text message


The speed, power and flexibility of this system allows you to use your time more constructively elsewhere in your business while Skycaller churns through your list of contacts spreading the information you want to give them without you needing to do anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create/convert an audio file to the correct format?

We recommend WavePad - a free audio editor. Follow the instructions that SkyCaller suggests to create a wave audio file that Skype can understand

Do I need a Skype account?

Yes, Skype needs to be running and you need to be logged into your Skype account. You also need to have some Skype credit or calling package. Skycaller is an automated front-end to Skype so it can only do things that you would have to do manually through Skype.